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青岛希尼尔翻译公司(www.losthive.com)2015年10月14日了解到:戴维?卡梅伦(David Cameron)正在欧洲大陆奔波,显然并不知道自己想要在2016年或2017年全民公投之前大肆吹嘘的重新谈判中实现什么。如果首相认为他可以削弱工人的权利、并指望人民对欧洲的好感能让英国留在欧盟,那他就大错特错了。The orthodoxy has failed — Europe needs a new economic settlement
David Cameron is traversing Europe, apparently without much idea of what he wants to achieve in his much-feted renegotiation ahead of a referendum in 2016 or 2017. If the prime minister thinks he can weaken workers’ rights and expect goodwill towards Europe to keep us in the EU, he is making a great mistake.

Mr Cameron’s support for a bill that would weaken the trade unions, and the cutting of tax credits this week, show that employment rights are under attack. One can imagine that the many rights we derive from European legislation, which underpins paid holidays, working time protection and improved maternity and paternity leave, are under threat too. 卡梅伦日前支持一项将会削弱工会、削减税收抵免的议案,这表明就业权利正遭到攻击。人们可以想象,我们从欧盟法律获得的许多权利——它们带来带薪假期、工作时间;ひ约案藕竦牟俸团悴佟彩艿酵。

There is a widely shared feeling that Europe is something of an exclusive club, rather than a democratic forum for social progress. Tearing up our rights at work would strengthen that view. Labour will oppose any attempt by the Conservative government to undermine rights at work — whether in domestic or European legislation. 目前有一种普遍的感觉认为,欧盟只是某种形式的高级俱乐部,而非推动社会进步的民主论坛;俚粑颐窃诠ぷ鞒∷娜ɡ崆炕庵止鄣。工党将反对保守党政府削弱工作场所权利的任何尝试——无论涉及国内法律还是欧盟法律。

Our shadow cabinet is also clear that the answer to any damaging changes that Mr Cameron brings back from his renegotiation is not to leave the EU but to pledge to reverse those changes with a Labour government elected in 2020. 我们影子内阁也很明确:面对卡梅伦的重新谈判带来的所有破坏性变化,正确的答案不是离开欧盟,而是承诺由2020年当选的工党政府逆转这些变化。

Workplace protections are vital to protect both migrant workers from being exploited and British workers from being undercut. Stronger employment rights also help good employers, who would otherwise face unfair competition from less scrupulous businesses. We will be in Europe to negotiate better protection for people and businesses, not to negotiate them away. 工作场所;せ贫杂诒;ひ泼窆と嗣馐馨、;び⒐と嗣庠獠还骄赫际侵凉刂匾。更强大的就业权利也有利于好的雇主,否则的话,他们将面对不那么规范的企业带来的不公平竞争。我们将留在欧盟,通过谈判为人民和企业争取更好的;,而不是在谈判中丧失这些;。

Too much of the referendum debate has been monopolised by xenophobes and the interests of corporate boardrooms. Left out of this debate are millions of ordinary British people who want a proper debate about our relationship with the EU. We cannot continue down this road of free-market deregulation, which seeks to privatise public services and dilute Europe’s social gains. Draft railway regulations that are now before the European Parliament could enforce the fragmented, privatised model that has so failed railways in the UK. 太多的全民公投辩论被仇外者以及企业董事会的利益垄断。被这场辩论遗忘的是数百万普通英国人,他们想要一场针对英国与欧盟关系的合理辩论。我们无法继续沿着自由市场放松管制这条路走下去,因为那将导致公共服务私有化,稀释欧盟的社会收益。欧洲议会眼下在讨论的铁路法规草案可能带来各自为政的私有化模式,这种模式已经搞砸了英国的铁路服务。

The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership that is being negotiated behind closed doors between the EU and the US, against which I have campaigned, is another example of this damaging approach. There is no future for Europe if we engage in a race to the bottom. We need to invest in our future and harness the skills of Europe’s people. 欧盟和美国正在不公开谈判的《跨大西洋贸易和投资伙伴关系协定》(TTIP)——我一直明确反对这项拟议中的协定——是这种破坏性方式的又一例证。如果我们投入一场逐底竞赛,欧洲将没有未来。我们需要投资于自己的未来,充分利用欧洲人的各项技能。

The treatment of Greece has appalled many who consider themselves pro-European internationalists. The Greek debt is simply not repayable, the terms are unsustainable and the insistence that the unpayable be paid extends the humanitarian crisis in Greece and the risks to all of Europe. The current orthodoxy has failed. We need a new economic settlement. 希腊的遭遇使很多自认为是亲欧洲的国际主义者感到震惊。希腊的债务根本无法还清,纾困条款不可持续,而坚持要求无力偿债的国家还债的做法,加重了希腊的人道主义;,也给欧洲整体带来风险。当前的正统观念已经失败。我们需要一种新的经济安排。

We should be grateful to Gordon Brown who as chancellor kept the UK out of the single currency, when other cabinet members were arguing that we should join. From our position outside the eurozone, we can and must influence EU economic reform. We must work with the 11 EU nations that are co-operating to bring in a financial transactions tax. Unlike the current chancellor, who wasted taxpayers’ money in a failed legal case to block the tax, we would participate in negotiations to discuss how we can better regulate the financial sector and raise revenues. 我们应该感谢戈登?布朗(Gordon Brown)在担任财政大臣期间拒绝让英国加入欧元区(当时其他内阁成员辩称我们应该加入)。从我们身处欧元区以外的地位,我们能够(而且必须)对欧盟的经济改革施加影响。我们必须与11个正在合作出台金融交易税的欧盟国家协作。与现任财政大臣(将纳税人的钱浪费于一起试图阻止金融交易税、最终败诉的法律案件)不同,我们将参与谈判,讨论如何能更好地监管金融行业,提高财政收入。

Labour is clear that we should remain in the EU. But we too want to see reform. Last week farmers from across the continent protested in Brussels. The common agricultural policy needs reform so that it does less to subsidise landowners and more to help farmers and rural economies. Europe is the only forum in which we can address key challenges for our country, like climate change, terrorism, tax havens and, most recently, the mass movement of refugees from the violence in Syria seeking sanctuary and hope in Europe. We will not win friends and influence in Europe if we refuse to pull our weight. 工党很明确,我们应当留在欧盟。但我们也希望看到改革。最近,来自欧洲大陆各地的农民在布鲁塞尔举行抗议。共同农业政策需要改革,以减少对土地所有者的补贴,多为农民和农村经济提供帮助。只有置身欧盟之中,英国才能应对自身面临的种种关键挑战——气候变化、恐怖主义、避税天堂以及最近为逃离叙利亚战乱而涌入欧洲寻求庇护和希望的大量难民。如果我们拒绝出力,我们将无法在欧盟赢得朋友和影响力。

Labour wants to see change in Europe that delivers for Europe’s people. We want to be better partners, and put our demands to make Europe better. We will make the case through Labour MEPs in the European Parliament, and our relationships with sister social democratic parties, trade unions and other social movements across Europe. 工党希望看到在欧盟看到真正造福于欧洲人民的改革。我们希望能成为更好的合作伙伴,提出我们的要求,使欧盟变得更美好。我们将通过欧洲议会的工党议员、我们与其他国家姊妹社会民主党的关系、工会和欧洲各地的其他社会运动提出自己的主张。

If Mr Cameron fails to deliver a good package or one that reduces the social gains we have previously won in Europe, he needs to understand that Labour will renegotiate to restore our rights and promote a socially progressive Europe. 如果卡梅伦拿不出一套好的方案,或者只能拿出一个减少了我们在欧洲本已取得的社会进步的计划,他需要明白,工党将重开谈判,以恢复我们的权利,推动欧洲社会进步。

The writer is the leader of the British Labour party 本文作者是英国工党领导人


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